1. Danish premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen’s spectacular masterpiece, TRIO


    Danish premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen’s spectacular masterpiece, TRIO

    4. March 2022

    Simon Steen-Andersen outdid himself with the grand multimedia work 'TRIO' premiered in 2019. Now the Danish premiere will be joining three major Danish ensembles in concert for the first time.

  2. Simon Løffler receives Bisballeprisen

    nominations / awards

    Simon Løffler receives Bisballeprisen

    3. March 2022

    Bisballeprisen is awarded to particularly talented artists who are innovative and groundbreaking. In 2022, the prize committee has selected the composer Simon Løffler for the award.

  3. Knudåge Riisager 125 years


    Knudåge Riisager 125 years

    2. March 2022

    With his own distinctive tone, Knudåge Riisager (1897-1974) succeeded in enriching Danish music with an extra dimension of brilliancy and terseness. On 6 March 2022, we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Knudåge Risager’s birth.

  4. Steingrímur Rohloff World Premiere


    Steingrímur Rohloff World Premiere

    22. February 2022

    Copenhagen Phil and baritone singer Johannes Held will premiere Steingrímur Rohloff's 'Schumann Fragmente' on 4 March in a concert performance telling the story of Schumann's life, love and collapse.

  5. Marcela Lucatelli world premiere


    Marcela Lucatelli world premiere

    21. February 2022

    On 11 March 2022 Marcela Lucatelli takes the stage in DR Koncerthuset together with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra for the world premiere of her work RGBW.

  6. Apokidis and Kubica-Cypek at PULSAR festival


    Apokidis and Kubica-Cypek at PULSAR festival

    21. February 2022

    The annual PULSAR festival once again presents world premieres of orchestral works performed by composition students from the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

  7. Sven Erik Werner 85 years today


    Sven Erik Werner 85 years today

    21. February 2022

    Sven Erik Werner turns 85 today, 21 February. On that occasion the journalist Georg Metz has written a text celebrating the composer and person, Sven Erik Werner.

  8. Mette Nielsen Essay


    Mette Nielsen Essay

    18. February 2022

    Mette Nielsen is featured in the article series Sounding Women’s Work. Seismograf brings 11 essays about gender, technology and infrastructure in Nordic sound art and experimental music.

  9. Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm Album Release


    Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm Album Release

    16. February 2022

    Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm has released the album The Seasons featuring six works recorded by various Danish and international ensembles and soloists.

  10. Ejnar Kanding World Premiere


    Ejnar Kanding World Premiere

    15. February 2022

    Rudersdal Kammersolister will premiere Ejnar Kanding's 'Harmonices Mundi' on Friday 18 February.

  11. Rachel Yatzkan Children's songs at Vinterjazz


    Rachel Yatzkan Children's songs at Vinterjazz

    15. February 2022

    Copenhagen Winter Jazz presents Rachel Yatzkan's 'Dreaming in many languages', a crossover concert for children between 6 and 12 and their parents.

  12. Martin Stauning World Premiere


    Martin Stauning World Premiere

    10. February 2022

    Martin Stauning's 'Irrenschein' for accordion and recorder will be premiered by Andreas Borregaard and Bolette Roed in Odense Domkirke on Saturday February 12.

  13. reviews

    "Reformulation of the genre" Winther Christensen's Piano Concerto reviewed

    28. January 2022

    “The good old piano concert is alive!” one critic exclaims after experiencing Christian Winther Christensen’s Piano Concerto (2018) at Ultraschall Berlin.

  14. Great review of Rønsholdt's Archive


    Great review of Rønsholdt's Archive

    27. January 2022

    The album release of Niels Rønsholdt's 'Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book1: Birds', has already received great reviews, and now Music Web International adds to the praise.

  15. Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard - Personfølsom musik


    Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard - Personfølsom musik

    26. January 2022

    'Personfølsom Musik' is a series of works in which Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard translates NemID-keycards into music. The score for NemID #U793-984-537 is published at Edition·S, and the album release of 'Personfølsom Musik' is editor's pick at Soundohm.

  16. Ejnar Kanding Single Release


    Ejnar Kanding Single Release

    20. January 2022

    Ejnar Kanding's Nordic Broken 2 is released as a digital single on Friday 21 January in a recording featuring Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen.

  17. Dark Music Days postponed


    Dark Music Days postponed

    18. January 2022

    Due to new COVID-19 restrictions in Iceland, the contemporary music festival Dark Music Days / Myrkir Músíkdagar is postponed.

  18. Album with Gravgaard-Madsen arrangement shortlisted for P2 Music Award

    nominations / awards

    Album with Gravgaard-Madsen arrangement shortlisted for P2 Music Award

    17. January 2022

    The album 'Rued Langgaard - Music of the Abyss' is shortlisted for the P2 Music Award 2022. The jury points to the "hair-raising piano work 'Music of the Abyss' in Allan Gravgaard Madsen's colourful instrumentation for Esbjerg Ensemble."