1. Spanish Premiere of TRIBUTES - Pulse


    Spanish Premiere of TRIBUTES - Pulse

    23. February 2013

    Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer and percussionist Simon Christensen has collaborated with American filmmaker Bill Morrison onTRIBUTES – Pulse (2010-2011). The Spanish premiere takes place this weekend at the 2013 Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra. Together the two explore the theme of "pulse" in both music and film - as a force that runs through life, civilization, and nature.

  2. Flashback Friday February 22


    Flashback Friday February 22

    22. February 2013

    The past week has been a really social week! Not only social for Edition·S, but social for the entire world actually. This week has been dedicated to Social Media Week worldwide and that includes Copenhagen as well. Here at Edition·S – music¬sound¬art we are big fans of social media – have you checked out our Twitter profile? Listened to music on Soundcloud? Are you following our Spotify playlist?

  3. Ejnar Kanding Performance at VEGA


    Ejnar Kanding Performance at VEGA

    19. February 2013

    Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Ejnar Kanding collaborates with Frank Bretschneider (DE) at Lille VEGA in Copenhagen, February 28, 2013 at 9 pm. At this concert the audience has a chance to experience the unique result of collaboration between two composers from two different musical traditions, where electronica and ambient meet classical music.The music is performed by ensemble Contemporánea and released by Danish record label Dacapo Records on the album “Auxiliary Blue”. The album is launched at the concert.

  4. Odense Symphony Orchestra Presents: {Pliiinggg…}


    Odense Symphony Orchestra Presents: {Pliiinggg…}

    18. February 2013

    The Danish composer collective {Pliiinggg…} will be performing together with Odense Symphony Orchestra on February 28, 2013 at the Odensian venue Magasinet. 

  5. Flashback Friday February 15


    Flashback Friday February 15

    15. February 2013

    This week has been a week of love! Yesterday it was Valentine’s Day and even though we don’t actually celebrate that in Denmark, we didn’t think you should miss out on an Edition·S – music¬sound¬art styled Valentine’s Card.So here you go – Happy Valentine’s!

  6. “Pretty Sound” Nominated for Norwegian Grammy


    “Pretty Sound” Nominated for Norwegian Grammy

    14. February 2013

    Simon Steen-Andersen’s album ”Pretty Sound” recorded by the Norwegian ensemble asamisimasa is nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Spellemann 2012.The album was released on Dacapo Records in 2011 and was well received all over. The Danish newspaper Politiken’s Henrik Friis wrote: “With its three-dimensional sound production the CD is a deeply fascinating introduction to the young composer, who right now, more than any other in his generation, show us the way forward.”

  7. Rune Glerup Awarded the Bisballe Prize


    Rune Glerup Awarded the Bisballe Prize

    13. February 2013

    The young composer Rune Glerup has just been announced as this year’s recipient of the Bisballe Prize. This will be celebrated Monday February 18, 2013 at 4 pm with a concert and a reception.

  8. Simon Steen-Andersen On Tour


    Simon Steen-Andersen On Tour

    12. February 2013

    Today saxophonist Patrick Stadler embarks on a tour around Switzerland with Simon Steen-Andersen’s De Profundis.From February 12 to 15, 2013 Patrick Stadler will perform three concerts with Simon Steen-Andersen’s solo work for soprano saxophone and percussion. First stop is Bern, then St. Gallen and finally Basel. The three concerts are a part of a concept named “The Sound of Strangers” that the duo Kociuban & Stadler tour with. Cellist Wiktor Kociuban forms the other part of the duo.

  9. Flashback Friday February 8


    Flashback Friday February 8

    8. February 2013

    We began this week with some experimenting concerts. The first one was during the VinterJazz festival in Copenhagen, where Edition·S – music¬sound¬art was the curator of one concert out of three as part of the official ILK Music line-up. Saturday night Simon Christensen performed the brand new work Feed Lifting Sound together with the vocal duo LIFT. The concert was a great success and night was definitely a “Feed Lifting” experience.Rudiger Meyer wrote about the concert:

  10. Ouvertures Broadcasted on Danish Radio


    Ouvertures Broadcasted on Danish Radio

    6. February 2013

    The Danish Radio P2 broadcasts symphony concerts every evening at 7.30 pm and on February 12, 2013 the focus is Simon Steen-Andersen’s Ouvertures.

  11. Interview {PLIIINGGG…}


    Interview {PLIIINGGG…}

    4. February 2013

    In 2010 the composers Christian Winther Christensen (1977), Nicolai Worsaae (1980) and Rune Glerup (1981) arranged their joint debut from the Royal Danish Music Conservatory. They put together a 2-day festival under the name of {Pliiinggg…} and invited the London Sinfonietta, supplemented by talented young Danish musicians, to play their works.

  12. Tragic Opera Published for the First Time


    Tragic Opera Published for the First Time

    4. February 2013

    This spring, the Danish composer Peter Arnold Heise’s (1830-1879) work “King and Marshall” (Drot & Marsk) will be published for the first time in a critical edition in collaboration with Edition·S – music¬sound¬art. The work has never been published before.

  13. Flashback Friday February 1


    Flashback Friday February 1

    1. February 2013

    This week at Edition·S – music¬sound¬art has been full of "hellos" and "goodbyes". We have officially said "hello" to our new CEO, Becky Dawson, who started her job today - even though she isn't actually physically present, she is with us in spirit (and on email We have also welcomed a new intern. Emilie Holst will be helping out with marketing & communications and teaching us all about the Chinese market. You can catch her on

  14. Hanne Ørvad R.I.P.


    Hanne Ørvad R.I.P.

    1. February 2013

    January 5, 2013 the Danish composer Hanne Ørvad passed away after fighting the illness sclerosis for a long time. Hanne Ørvad was a professional singer in the Danish National Chamber Choir for almost 25 years before she became a composer. As a composer she was very inspired by words and often composed works for voice and with texts that supply the meanings of the musical context. She once said at the beginning of a lecture:

  15. Two Steingrimur Rohloff Premieres


    Two Steingrimur Rohloff Premieres

    30. January 2013

    The Icelandic-born composer Steingrimur Rohloff has two major works premiering soon. Both works are composed for sinfonietta and performed by prestigious ensembles.

  16. Simon Steen-Andersen Receives Prestigious Art Award


    Simon Steen-Andersen Receives Prestigious Art Award

    29. January 2013

    Akademie der Künste in Berlin, Germany has just announced the winners of the art award Berlin Jubilee Foundation 1848/1948 and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Simon Steen-Andersen is on the list.

  17. Flashback Friday January 25


    Flashback Friday January 25

    25. January 2013

    The past few Flashback Fridays have been talking about jumping into a new year, getting out of “holiday mode” and having a ”fresh start” and that is what January is famous for. This time of year is full of plans, schedules, and new ideas, excel spreadsheets and so on. Working at a publishing house doesn’t change that!Whilst we’re waiting for the new CEO to begin her job, we’ve slowly begun to plan what is going to happen in 2013. The first #photodiary picture of the year was of marketing & communication plans:

  18. Gothenburg Burning


    Gothenburg Burning

    23. January 2013

    This weekend the great international film festival in Gothenburg kicks off with wide variety of films from all over the world on the programme. In the middle of this intense festival, the Swedish ensemble Pearls Before Swine Experience performs an Edition·S – music¬sound¬art work.