1. Nicolai Worsaae Composer-in-Residence with FIGURA 2013-15


    Nicolai Worsaae Composer-in-Residence with FIGURA 2013-15

    13. August 2013

    FIGURA has just made an agreement with the Danish Arts Foundation’s Music Committee for Classical Music for the engagement of Nicolai Worsaae as composer-in-residence with the ensemble in the period of August 2013 to December 2015.

  2. Flashback Friday August 9


    Flashback Friday August 9

    9. August 2013

    Welcome back from the summer holiday! Luckily for us, it still feels like summer in Copenhagen as we’re experiencing a heat wave. During the summer we have left out our weekly Flashback Fridays – but now we’re back stronger than ever. Speaking of being back stronger than ever. It seems like the composer collective DYGONG has risen from a deep sleep in order to invade the world – or at least Montenegro, for now. In this month’s Edition·S newsletter it was possible to follow their journey (almost) live.

  3. DYGONG On the Run


    DYGONG On the Run

    6. August 2013

    In the midst of a European heat wave, the composer collective DYGONG has travelled to the exotic Montenegro for an incredibly contemporary concert at an incredibly classical festival. We’ve corresponded with them as they wait for the sun to set and the heat to settle.

  4. Edition·S Concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival


    Edition·S Concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

    1. July 2013

    On Monday July 8, 2013 Edition·S – music¬sound¬art presents an evening of art music during the 10-day long Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

  5. Flashback Friday June 28


    Flashback Friday June 28

    28. June 2013

    It is the final days before the summer holiday and we’re preparing ourselves to rewind and relax. But before that we have an exciting concert coming up during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, so please join us on July 8, 2013 at 5e in Kødbyen (the meat packing district) for intimate evening of art music. Check out the Facebook event here.

  6. World Premiere of Oration


    World Premiere of Oration

    28. June 2013

    Line Tjørnhøj describes her chamber opera Oration as "a speech for humanity. Oration gives a unique description of the human experience and the love and hate, hope and despair, suffering and joy we see in our lifetimes."

  7. Nicolai Worsaae at Musiikin Aika


    Nicolai Worsaae at Musiikin Aika

    27. June 2013

    From Tuesday July 2 to Sunday July 7, 2013 the Finnish festival Musiikin aika takes place in the little town of Viitasaari and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Nicolai Worsaae is on the programme.

  8. Flashback Friday June 21


    Flashback Friday June 21

    21. June 2013

    This week’s Flashback Friday is dedicated to the amazing Morten Olsen!

  9. Klejs & Rønsholdt in New York


    Klejs & Rønsholdt in New York

    21. June 2013

    On July 1, 2013 Klejs & Rønsholdt’s spectacular interactive installation HOME opens at 3LD Art & Technology Center in New York. The installation is the result of a four-week residency, where the artist duo has been working with programmers and technicians from 3LD to create this new work.

  10. Portrait Concert of Timothy Baxter


    Portrait Concert of Timothy Baxter

    19. June 2013

    Organist Henning Nielsen and the Gribskov Choir kick off the ”Summer Concerts” series with a portrait concert of composer Timothy Baxter.

  11. ILK’s 10th Anniversary at Copenhagen Jazz Festival


    ILK’s 10th Anniversary at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

    17. June 2013

    The year of 2013 sees the 10th anniversary of the avant-garde jazz record label ILK Music, which is celebrated this summer with an impressive line up at Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

  12. Flashback Friday June 14


    Flashback Friday June 14

    14. June 2013

    Last Friday we went to a great, big partner meeting concerning the Carl Nielsen celebrations in 2015. Odense Symphony Orchestra hosted the event, where a lot of Nielsen enthusiasts, music people and other good folks were gathered to inspire each other. The meeting included Nielsen music performed by such different performers as the classical pianist Anne Øland, the folk trio Zenobia and a children’s choir. We are sure that 2015 is going to be a fun year and we look forward to contributing to the celebrations.

  13. Morten Olsen – Release Concert


    Morten Olsen – Release Concert

    12. June 2013

    After working on his newest album for more than 10 years, composer and musician Morten Olsen is finally ready to show off ‘Be My Quiet Friend’ when Dacapo Records and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art invite you to a release concert!

  14. Flashback Friday June 7


    Flashback Friday June 7

    7. June 2013

    First of all, we have recently noticed that our Flashback Fridays are being posted on Twitter and Facebook (and not just by us!) and used as press material. We are very honoured that the message of Flashback Friday has been shared to the world, so thanks for that!

  15. Austrian Premiere of Gunnar Berg’s Frise I-VII


    Austrian Premiere of Gunnar Berg’s Frise I-VII

    6. June 2013

    Friday June 14, 2013 Gunnar Berg’s Frise I-VII will have its Austrian premiere when the Austrian Composers’ Society celebrates their 100th anniversary.

  16. Finn Savery Celebrates his 80th Birthday


    Finn Savery Celebrates his 80th Birthday

    3. June 2013

    This summer the Danish composer and musician Finn Savery celebrates his 80th birthday and we would like to mark this with the following article:

  17. #glimpse – The E·Sessions


    #glimpse – The E·Sessions

    3. June 2013

    Today, June 3, 2013 Danish composer Line Tjørnhøj releases a brand new album on the avantgarde jazz record label ILK Music. The album explores a glimpse of sound.#glimpseUsing biblical themes and a wide variety of audio sources, Line Tjørnhøj creates a modern, multilayered piece in an attempt to catch a glimpse of sound.

  18. Open Form Festival


    Open Form Festival

    3. June 2013

    Saturday May 15 Open Form Festival invites audiences to experience an afternoon and evening of improvised music performed by the finest Danish and international musicians – amongst these are the Copenhagen based ensemble 4 elements and the two Austrian musicians Manon Liu Winter and Franz Hautzinger.