1. Flashback Friday January 18


    Flashback Friday January 18

    18. January 2013

    This week has been filled with Edition·S – music¬sound¬art superstar Simon Steen-Andersen. Yesterday he did a rare performance in Denmark with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Canadian conductor Julian Kuerti.

  2. Flashback Friday January 11


    Flashback Friday January 11

    11. January 2013

    This week we have returned to reality after a nice long Christmas holiday. We can no longer use the excuse of being in ”holiday mode”. It’s January, it’s cold and it’s hard work.But it also means that we say hello to a brand new year with lots of performances and exciting news. The second edition of the Edition·S – music¬sound¬art newsletter has just been sent out with carefully selected scores of the month, latest news and upcoming performances. This month’s E·xclusive revealed a Spotify playlist full of music that has inspired some of our composers in their work as artists.

  3. Andrew Mellor on Rued Langgaard


    Andrew Mellor on Rued Langgaard

    10. January 2013

    The past few years have been kind to Rued Langgaard. Two major BBC Proms performances and a spurt of CD releases have been contributing to telling and sharing the extraordinary story of Langgaard. Author Andrew Mellor has written an article about the Rued Langgaard Edition’s (RLE) rehabilitation of his works.

  4. Symphonic Concert in Aarhus


    Symphonic Concert in Aarhus

    10. January 2013

    It is an international meeting of culture when the American symphony, the Chinese Chairman Mao and Danish Simon Steen-Andersen all are represented at a symphonic concert in Aarhus next week.The Canadian conductor Julian Kuerti will lead the audience through a concert performed by Aarhus Symphony Orchestra with works by John Adams, Simon Steen-Andersen and Aron Copland. The composers and works have been chosen carefully in order to connect them in one way or the other.

  5. Edition·S at VinterJazz


    Edition·S at VinterJazz

    8. January 2013

    February 1 to 17, 2013 Copenhagen transforms into a Mecca of jazz music when the annual VinterJazz (Copenhagen Winter Jazz) festival kicks off. This year Edition·S – music¬sound¬art is on the programme as part of the official ILK Music line-up at 5e in the meatpacking district.

  6. Kanding & Bretschneider Concert & Release Party at VEGA


    Kanding & Bretschneider Concert & Release Party at VEGA

    8. January 2013

    VEGA and EarUnit presents a different, unique concert experience, where electronica and ambient meets classical music. This happens when Frank Bretschneider (DE) and Ejnar Kanding (DK) together with the ensemble Contemporánea enter the stage at Lille VEGA February 28, 2013.

  7. Flashback Friday January 4


    Flashback Friday January 4

    4. January 2013

    Welcome to the first Flashback Friday of 2013! Lots have happened since the last post. Our Christmas Calendar series ”The Composer of Christmas” came to an end – luckily with a happy ending (Alfie managed to find his special note!), we survived the End of the World, we celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve.

  8. Lunch Concert w/Lars Hegaard


    Lunch Concert w/Lars Hegaard

    4. January 2013

    Attend a lunch concert at Utzon Centre in Aalborg and experience Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Lars Hegaard’s Figures in wood and metal (2012).

  9. Welcome to the New CEO of Edition·S


    Welcome to the New CEO of Edition·S

    3. January 2013

    The English-born Rebecca Jane Dawson, who previous has been “Head of Repertoire Promotion” at Oxford University Press and Universal Edition, has filled the post as Edition·S’ new CEO. Rebecca has great knowledge of contemporary music (she wrote her dissertation about Arvo Pärt’s church music) as well as management, communications, promotion and marketing. In addition to that she has great knowledge of the Danish music scene and its composers, a knowledge she will extend by moving here in the beginning of 2013 when her contract begins.

  10. Flashback Friday December 21


    Flashback Friday December 21

    21. December 2012

    Suddenly it is Friday again and it is not just an ordinary Friday. It is the last Friday before Christmas and that means that we here at Edition·S–music¬sound¬art give you the last episode of our handmade Christmas-cartoon “the Composer of Christmas”. ENJOY & merry Christmas.                      

  11. Flashback Friday December 14


    Flashback Friday December 14

    14. December 2012

    So this is the second last Flashback Friday before we are going to dedicate ourselves to all the Christmas-madness. This week Edition·S – music¬sound¬art has been in snow mode. The city of  Copenhagen is filled with white snow and cold air. Despite this Simon Steen-Andersen is still hot and had two pieces performed last evening.

  12. Me Quitte Granted 50,000 DKKr.


    Me Quitte Granted 50,000 DKKr.

    13. December 2012

    Yesterday December 12, 2012 it was announced that Niels Rønsholdt’s Me Quitte was granted 50,000 DKkr. from the Danish Arts Foundation.The Danish Arts Foundation writes about the work:“In Me Quitte Rønsholdt turns Jaques Brel’s famous love song Ne Me Quitte Pas inside out in every way. When Brel’s song begs his loved one to stay, Rønsholdt’s songs command the opposite – leave me!

  13. Flashback Friday December 7


    Flashback Friday December 7

    7. December 2012

    Friday equals Flashback and December equals Christmas. So, welcome to a very merry Flashback Friday at Edition·S – music¬sound¬art.Hopefully you have already noticed that we have a Christmas Calendar every day on our Twitter profile. We have picked out some wonderful pieces with great care and amusement to inspire you and hopefully bring you in the right mood for Christmas.

  14. Thinking Inside a Box


    Thinking Inside a Box

    6. December 2012

    Interview with Simon Steen-Andersen – a composer who is not scared of thinking inside the box.

  15. Jan Maegaard (1926-2012)


    Jan Maegaard (1926-2012)

    6. December 2012

    Jan Maegaard past away Tuesday November 27, 2012. He was 86 years old.

  16. Flashback Friday November 30


    Flashback Friday November 30

    30. November 2012

    Dear friends, welcome to this weeks edition of Flashback Friday. This week offered some interesting stuff for your ears to enjoy.Among others Edition·S–music¬sound¬art’ celebrated composer Rune Glerup took part in a radio show. You can listen to it here.Another highlight of the week was when the Danish Sangselskab performed Ib Nørholms piece Understrømme last Sunday.

  17. Edition·S Newsletter Launch


    Edition·S Newsletter Launch

    28. November 2012

    At Edition·S – music¬sound¬art we are pleased to invite you to subscribe to our brand new newsletter!Our newsletter will be launched primo December and it will contain lots of great features that will keep you updated and informed about the constant moving world of art music. Furthermore it will give you an E·xclusive insight every month and provide you food for thought.We hope you will subscribe and enjoy reading, listening, reflecting and exploring the surrounding world of Edition·S.Subscribe here.

  18. Rune Glerup On Air


    Rune Glerup On Air

    23. November 2012

    It is not news anymore that the young composer Rune Glerup is experiencing great success at the moment. Fortunately this growing popularity does not seem to have an end and now he can be experienced both on radio and on film.First up, the Aarhus-based think tank “Center for Vild Analyse” (red. Center for Wild Analysis) has made a programme about Rune under the title “Rune Glerup and his musical objects”. The programme will be aired on Sunday at 5 pm.