1. The Queen of the Eastern Wind to appear in Israel soon!


    The Queen of the Eastern Wind to appear in Israel soon!

    14. April 2009

    Rachel Yatzkan's new wok, Gaba'im, will see its world premiere as Irina-Kalina Goudeva sings, plays and moves throgh the composition for the first time in The Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem om April 21st. The work will also be performed intel sib on April 22nd, and again in the Jerusalem Performing Arts Lab on April 26th where it will also be broadcasted online as a part of the Deep Tones for Peace initiative.

  2. Notations21 is out!


    Notations21 is out!

    2. April 2009

    Mark Batty Publisher springs into its new season of distinctive volumes covering the graphic and communication arts with a comprehensive anthology of illustrated musical notation. "Notations 21", by New York-based musician and musicologist Theresa Sauer, features more than 300 pages of incredibly varied images that show how some composers use musical scores for much more than just instructions for musicians to play.

  3. Rued Langgaard Festival in March-April


    Rued Langgaard Festival in March-April

    10. March 2009

    The Rued Langgaard Society, the Esbjerg Ensemble and several other outstanding musicians have arranged an extensive, country-wide festival celebrating the music of Rued Langgaard. During two weeks in March-April, Langgaard's music is being played all over the country. 15 concerts in all, mainly focusing on the vocal and chamber music of the great composer. It's an event not to be missed! 

  4. Steen-Andersen and Koch on ISCM program 2009


    Steen-Andersen and Koch on ISCM program 2009

    5. March 2009

    Simon Steen-Andersen's Ouvertures and Jesper Kochs's The Show Queen - both orchestral works - will be performed during the ISCM Festival Listen To The Music in Sweden late September 2009. The festival will also present works by other Danish composers, Mogens Christensen, Bent Sørensen and Karsten Fundal.