1. Suså Festival 2014


    Suså Festival 2014

    12. August 2014

    Li-Ying Wu, Jexper Holmen, Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm, Svend Nielsen and Simon Steen-Andersen are on the program for this years Suså Festival. For the 21st year running, the Suså Festival in Næstved invites the public to three late summer days with new music, 29–31 August.

  2. Opening Reverb Festival in London


    Opening Reverb Festival in London

    12. August 2014

    Simon Steen-Andersen’s Black Box Music opens the London-based festival Reverb, which takes place 21–24 August. The festival, which focuses on living composers of new music.

  3. iPad Workshop Follow Up


    iPad Workshop Follow Up

    8. July 2014

    One of the main points that emerged was that setting up sheet music for the screen requires quite a different mindset from music printed on paper. A common reservation is that the screen size is too small. It turns out however that the space available can be used in quite a different way than we’re traditionally used to. We can now read novels on a screen the size of a business card, as John Gruber once pointed out. Screens clearly need to be thought of in a different way.

  4. Word for Word in Roskilde


    Word for Word in Roskilde

    13. June 2014

    Niels has described the piece as an experiment with the opera genre in which he systematically turns all conventional notions of the opera upside down: “the spectacular becomes intimate, the many contributing become one, set design becomes dark. And above all, it’s true. From the often quixotic and exaggerated opera dramas to a small piece of reality, as we all experience it.” 

  5. Worsaae in New York with Marx and Engels


    Worsaae in New York with Marx and Engels

    8. June 2014

    The performance will take place on June 8, 2014 at the Abrons Arts Center in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The festival is dedicated to showcasing the best electroacoustic music and video art from all over the world in New York City, through a multi-day festival. It includes a wide range of music from electroacoustic pieces and works involving live electronics to works combining musical instruments or voices with recorded or live electronics, as well as video and multimedia works, audio and video installations.

  6. Heather Roche iPad workshop


    Heather Roche iPad workshop

    2. June 2014

    Heather Roche is a (bass) clarinetist currently on a residency in Copenhagen as part of the DIVA (Danish International Visiting Artists) program. Born in Canada, Heather completed a PhD on composer/performer relationships at the University of Huddersfield and is an active performer on the international new music scene. She is now based in Cologne where she is also a member of the ensemble hand werk.

  7. Inverted Notions and Introverted Space


    Inverted Notions and Introverted Space

    30. May 2014

    Niels Rønsholdt is a composer that likes to turn established ideas on their head. The festival opens with two works going back a few years in Niel's output. Die Wanderin refers to the Romantic notion of the (male) artist finding inspiration during long walks, preferably in nature. In Niel's work the central character is female and the setting is urban.

  8. SPOR Festival Report Back


    SPOR Festival Report Back

    15. May 2014

    Do it anyway was the theme of this year’s SPOR festival and title of the mini seminar it hosted on the topic.

  9. Klang Festival 2014


    Klang Festival 2014

    6. May 2014

    This year’s KLANG - the Copenhagen Avant-Garde Music Festival - takes place from 30 May until 5 June and has two Edition·S composers on the programme: Niels Rønsholdt and Nicolai Worsaae.

  10. SPOR Festival 2014


    SPOR Festival 2014

    6. May 2014

    Under the heading "Do it anyway" this year’s SPOR Festival  on 8-11 May focuses on international cooperation and exchanges. On Sunday 11 May at 11 a.m. there is a concert with the Cikada String Quartet, playing among other works Niels Røns­holdt’s "Americana".

  11. Composers’ Grand Prix


    Composers’ Grand Prix

    6. May 2014

    On 6-9 May the Grand Prix of the International Rostrum of Composers is awarded in Helsinki. Radio stations all over the world have nominated a work composed within the last two years. Christian Winther Christensen will represent Denmark with the work . In 2010 Simon Steen-Andersen won with the work “Ouvertures”. 

  12. The Nordic Council’s Music Prize


    The Nordic Council’s Music Prize

    6. May 2014

    On 1 May the nominees for the Nordic Council’s Music Prize 2014 were announced at the SPOT festival in Aarhus.

  13. Have You Seen the Music?


    Have You Seen the Music?

    8. April 2014

    Simon Steen-Andersen will soon be rounding off a residency with the renowned Ensemble 2e2m who will be performing his String Quartet and Study for String Instrument #1 and Study for String Instrument #2 in Paris on Thursday 10 April.

  14. A Chapter Closes


    A Chapter Closes

    4. April 2014

    Last week, after an involvement spanning nearly 25 years, we said farewell to Christine Canals-Frau, our former editor-in-chief and acting director. 

  15. A Burst of Activity


    A Burst of Activity

    27. March 2014

    Burst with Duo KAPOW! includes Jexper Holmen's Oil and the title track Burst – an early work by Niels Marthinsen.

  16. Steingrimur Rohloff – Sill Not / Not Yet


    Steingrimur Rohloff – Sill Not / Not Yet

    11. March 2014

    Steingrimur Rohloff's song cycle Still Not / Not Yet,  performed by mezzo-soprano Helene Gjerris with the Figura Ensemble and Seatlle Chamber Players, will be released on Neos Records on the 15.03.14.The CD can't be purchased just yet, but will be available via Neos' webshop on Friday. In the meantime take a sneak preview via Edition·S' SoundCloud profile:

  17. Gunnar Berg in the spotlight


    Gunnar Berg in the spotlight

    10. March 2014

    "Almost forgotten" composer Gunnar Berg has received a number of performances recently – amongst them a concert by Steffen Schleiermacher at the Chiffren Bienalle: 

  18. Black Box Music and Run Time Error Explained


    Black Box Music and Run Time Error Explained

    10. March 2014

    The London Sinfonietta has put together a short video introduction in which Simon Steen-Andersen tells a little about Black Box Music and Run Time Error – the works that will be performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Wednesday 12 March.