1. The Ecstatic Outsider


    The Ecstatic Outsider

    30. October 2012

    A new edition of the book “The Ecstatic Outsider” has been published by Engstrøm & Sødring. The book is about the legendary composer Rued Langgaard, his life and music.

  2. Simon Steen-Andersen at DEFINE Festival


    Simon Steen-Andersen at DEFINE Festival

    29. October 2012

    This coming Saturday, the electronic music festival that cross borders, DEFINE, kicks off in Flensburg, Germany and travels to Sønderborg, Denmark the next day. Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Simon Steen-Andersen is on the programme.

  3. Flashback Friday October 26


    Flashback Friday October 26

    26. October 2012

    Oh dear, where to begin? Another great week for Edition·S–music¬sound¬art with brilliant news and performances. So, lets start this Friday with a flashback before the fanfare of the weekend takes over. Last weekend, our very own Jexper Holmen was portrayed in a well-written article in the Danish newspaper Politiken. 

  4. New Danish Educational Site


    New Danish Educational Site

    25. October 2012

    The Danish organisation for new music and sound art SNYK has published a site today with educational material for music teachers in secondary schools where Edition·S – music¬sound¬art is represented.

  5. Visions of Sounds: Simon Steen-Andersen


    Visions of Sounds: Simon Steen-Andersen

    25. October 2012

    He does not need an introduction and still we are more than happy to present him as one of the most experimenting, rigorous composers at the present time. We are of cause talking about the Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen.For more than a decade the art music scene has followed his steps with great interest. Simon is a traveller of extremes and is walking towards a busy autumn. From Cologne to Santiago de Compostela and from Paris to Huddersfield he will cross most of Europe’s borders.

  6. Gunnar Berg goes to China


    Gunnar Berg goes to China

    24. October 2012

    Today, Wednesday October 24, 2012, the ensemble named after the great composer Gunnar Berg travels to China and Taiwan with a tremendous programme.

  7. Rune Glerup at Wundergrund


    Rune Glerup at Wundergrund

    23. October 2012

    The Danish festival Wundergrund are at the tipping point of explosion and it will take you far beyond the boarders of music and sound. Edition·S–music¬sound¬art can announced that we have one of our young and talented composers on the programme during Wundergrund. It is Rune Glerup’s piece Objets/décalages (2006-2007) that will be performed by Trio Gamán & Garth Knox on October 30 at 8 pm at the Literaturhaus in Copenhagen.

  8. Flashback Friday October 19


    Flashback Friday October 19

    19. October 2012

    It has been a week of creativity in Edition·S–music¬sound¬art-land, we have been doing a lot of “out of the box”-thinking and into the box again. We have been cutting and folding what seems like a million small black boxes for HCMF’12 filled with … oh, we are not going to tell you that! You’ll have to wait for the festival to discover the black boxes’ secret. 

  9. Jexper Holmen Portrait Concert


    Jexper Holmen Portrait Concert

    17. October 2012

    Next week the always-innovative composer Jexper Holmen will be honored at his very own portrait concert.The concert is held at the idyllic Nivaagaard in Nivå, Denmark and the programme includes the premiere of Jexper’s guitar work Sabi and a new version of his music box symphony Lullabies from 2009.As assistants Jexper brings soprano Signe Asmussen Manuitt, accordionist Frode Andersen, guitarist Jexper Lützhøft and sound engineer Ejnar Kanding.

  10. Axel Borup-Jørgensen (1924-2012)


    Axel Borup-Jørgensen (1924-2012)

    16. October 2012

    The Danish composer Axel Borup-Jørgensen died early this morning after a short period of time of illness at the age of 88. He passed quietly away after only a week of hospitalizing with heart trouble.

  11. 90th birthday concerts


    90th birthday concerts

    15. October 2012

    In celebration of the great Danish composer Poul Rovsing Olsen’s 90th birthday there will be held two sonorous performances. First on October 21 at the Mantzius concert hall in Birkerød, Denmark, where mezzo-soprano Hetzna Regitze Bruun and pianist Kristoffer Hyldig will perform a portrait concert of Poul as well as pieces by the French composer Olivier Messiaen.

  12. Flashback Friday October 12


    Flashback Friday October 12

    12. October 2012

    For this week’s flashback shakedown we got a lot of premium things on the programme. First of all you should get a copy of today’s Danish newspaper Politiken and read the interview with Rune Glerup “Concert For Man And Machine”. In this interview Rune compares the feeling of being a composer at IRCAM to the feeling of being a child in a candy shop. He talks about how you in music orchestrate with both man and machine."It adds a completely new dimension to the music. The music couldn't possibly sound like this acoustically."

  13. Klejs & Rønsholdt collaborates with Royal Opera House


    Klejs & Rønsholdt collaborates with Royal Opera House

    11. October 2012

    For the first time ever it will be possible to experience the grandness of the opera on your Smartphone or tablet. The artist duo Klejs & Rønsholdt collaborates with the prestigious Royal Opera House in London to make this happen.

  14. Plus/Minus Ensemble performs In her Frown


    Plus/Minus Ensemble performs In her Frown

    8. October 2012

    Every Monday King’s Place in London invites all curious minds to “Out Hear – break your sound barrier” to explore electronics, classical composition and multimedia performances from international artists.

  15. John Tchicai (1936-2012)


    John Tchicai (1936-2012)

    8. October 2012

    The legendary jazz saxophonist and composer John Tchicai passed away late last night after months of fighting a stroke.In June 2012 John Tchicai collapsed in Barcelona Airport and was rushed to a local hospital. He was then transferred to a hospital in Perpignan near his home in France where he stayed until his death.Edition·S – music¬sound¬art had the pleasure of publishing six of John’s works:

  16. Flashback Friday October 5


    Flashback Friday October 5

    5. October 2012

    Welcome back to the weekly Edition·S–music¬sound¬art Flashback Friday. Once again, this week offered some great opportunities for your delight.It has been a busy week in Paris for two of Edition·S’ composers. Both Simon Steen-Andersen and Rune Glerup had their works performed in the European metropolis. 

  17. Rune Gleup at Biennale Musica


    Rune Gleup at Biennale Musica

    4. October 2012

    During the coming week the Italian city Venice will be transformed into a prestigious stage for contemporary music and the canals of the floating city will be filled with music, sound and art.Under the theme +Extreme- the Biennale Musica in Venice will present some of the significant actors in the field of contemporary music from October 6 to 13, 2012. The title juxtaposes the musical minimalisms and maximalisms of our times. It will be a week where you only can expect the extremes - and nothing in between.

  18. Nordic Music Days 2012


    Nordic Music Days 2012

    3. October 2012

    Next week Nordic Music Days 2012 kicks off with a programme full of Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composers.