1. Great success in Leeds!


    Great success in Leeds!

    14. June 2011

    The Howard Assembly Room hosted a very special event on Thursday June 9, with a screening of Carl Theodore Dreyer’s 1928 film The Passion of Joan of Arc, accompanied live by a 27 piece ensemble from the Orchestra of Opera North. A classic of the silent era, the film, starring Renee Falconetti as Joan, is widely held as one of the greatest films ever made. 

  2. The mystic Rued Langgaard in Ribe


    The mystic Rued Langgaard in Ribe

    10. June 2011

    The first four days of September a remarkable musical meeting takes place in the South Jutlandic medieval town of Ribe. Rued Langgaard, the notorious outsider in 20th century Danish music society, is portrayed together with the famous 19th century composer and piano virtuoso Frans Liszt. 

  3. A Requiem for the 20th Century


    A Requiem for the 20th Century

    3. June 2011

    An open source artistic cooperation between Danish composer Simon Christensen and American filmmaker Bill Morrison is heading for world premiere June 16 at The Royal Danish Playhouse. The work is called ‘TRIBUTES - Pulse‘ and you can follow the creation on - Pulse is a remix of art film, music and sound production. The title refers to the work as a tribute to the four american composers Charles Ives, Conlon Nancarrow, Steve Reich and Trent Reznor.

  4. Dreyer’s Joan of Arc with music by Ole Schmidt


    Dreyer’s Joan of Arc with music by Ole Schmidt

    1. June 2011

    Carl Th. Dreyer’s world famous silent film ‘The Passion of Joan Arc’ from 1928 will be screened June 9 in the Howard Assembly Room, Leeds, UK, as part of the On Liberty series by Opera North. In this special screening, a musical score written by the Danish composer Ole Schmidt in 1983 is performed live by the Orchestra of Opera North. Both richly romantic and unconventionally modern, the music makes a thrilling accompaniment to the film, and completes a unique event that has been three years in the making. 

  5. The musical greengrocery


    The musical greengrocery

    1. June 2011

    A former greengrocery transforms into a tiny concert room for the six musicians who call themselves LYDENSKAB. They present classical music in this nice and untraditional environment and the environment itself plays an experimental interactive role for the experience of the concerts. As comes to the music you will hear classical masterpieces mixted up with contemporary works. Of the latter LYDENSKAB will among others perform the new work Manu Properia by Line Tjørnhøj.

  6. Abstract/Concrete



    31. May 2011

    Violin and double bass are unusual in duo. Nevertheless Helge Slaatto and Frank Reinecke successfully have build an exclusive repertoire for this exact combination. In Literaturhaus June 1st Nicolai Worsaae and Rudiger Meyer in each their way challenge Duo Slaatto Reinecke with new ways to cross the smallest and the biggest member of the noble old violin family.

  7. Benefit Concert for Japan


    Benefit Concert for Japan

    27. May 2011

    On Sunday May 29 Literaturhaus in Copenhagen hosts a prominent benefit concert for the victims of the tsunami in Japan. The theme for the concert is ‘FUJI - the holy mountain of Japan’. The Swiss Ensemble Opera Nova Zürich gives here a special guest appereance for the first time in Denmark. On the programme are music by the Danish-Swiss composer Gunnar Berg and two contemporary Swiss composers.

  8. Love is a racing car, says Klejs & Rønsholdt


    Love is a racing car, says Klejs & Rønsholdt

    27. May 2011

    This weekend the Danish ensemble Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen kick starts the annual festival Athelas New Music Festival. The festival runs from May 27 to June 4 and stars some of Denmark's best skilled ensembles, soloists, performers and composers. This year's theme is Danish and German music, theatre and literature.

  9. Jexper Holmen and Simon Steen-Andersen on a roll


    Jexper Holmen and Simon Steen-Andersen on a roll

    18. May 2011

    Young danish composers are experiencing a veritable European hype. Jexper Holmen and Simon Steen-Andersen are two of those figures who show up more and more often internationally and with a still more spectacular regard. In November they both enter the British Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

  10. Århus Sinfonietta perform at the Momento Cello Concert


    Århus Sinfonietta perform at the Momento Cello Concert

    16. May 2011

    Århus Sinfonietta perform together with one of Denmark's best musician, Jakob Kullberg, at the Momento Cello Concert Tuesday May 24 2011 in Canterbury, Kent. At this colourful concert, Århus Sinfonietta will perform Simon Steen-Andersen's Praesens and Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen's Tonkraftværk among other skilled Danish composers. The concert is a part of the Sounds New Contemporary Music Festival that runs from May 20 to May 29 2011.

  11. On & Off at Stuttgart Theaterhaus


    On & Off at Stuttgart Theaterhaus

    11. May 2011

    “Every concert is a total experience. I’m not one of those who close my eyes when I listen. Seeing a concert is to me just as important as hearing it”. The words come from Simon Steen-Andersen in a close up interview in Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Steen-Andersen will Friday May 13 give a performance in Stuttgart as part of the concert row “Südseite nachts” arranged by “Musik der Jahrhundert”.

  12. TRIBUTES – Pulse. Official trailer out now!


    TRIBUTES – Pulse. Official trailer out now!

    7. May 2011

    For more than a year, American filmmaker Bill Morrison and Edition·S composer Simon Christensen have been working closely together on creating TRIBUTES - Pulse – a requiem for the 20th century. This is the official trailer - the spectacular live premiere screening is scheduled for June 16 at the Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen, featuring live music performance by Kundi Bombo. Check back for more!

  13. 75 years old avant-gardist performs at Roskilde Festival


    75 years old avant-gardist performs at Roskilde Festival

    6. May 2011

    Besides being an icon of avant-garde jazz 75 years old John Tchicai has marked through his entire career a written art music oeuvre developing a highly personal style combining composition and improvisation.Still going strong as a sax player on international tours Tchicai is also celebrated in his native country Denmark. This summer he enters the new Gloria stage at Roskilde Festival together with his experimental group ELEkTRO with whom he just has released a new album.

  14. Simon Steen-Andersen at SPOR Festival


    Simon Steen-Andersen at SPOR Festival

    4. May 2011

    Do you feel like dancing? SPOR Festival for contemporary music and sound art tunes in to both motion and emotion during the four forthcoming days. The smiling city of Aarhus will glow in the presence of today's top artists and composers. Among those you can follow will be Simon Steen Andersen performing his two-part-invention-ride ‘Run Time Error’ at the venue Granhøj Dans May 5.

  15. Ib Nørholm premieres new symphony


    Ib Nørholm premieres new symphony

    29. April 2011

    Now 80 years old but still an unchallenged master of the large scale symphony. Ib Nørholm celebrates the premiere of his twelfth symphony ‘Realities’ in Odense Concert House April 28 and 29. The new symphony is written for orchestra, soprano and tenor soloists. The ambiguous title is clearly referring to the three poets Thorkild Bjørnvig, Lene Henningsen and Inger Christensen whos lyrics form a poetic structure throughout the symphony.

  16. 3 Songs by Morten Olsen


    3 Songs by Morten Olsen

    29. April 2011

    Three new songs by composer Morten Olsen with lyrics by Søren Ulrik Thomsen was premiered by soprano Lona Mohr Villadsen at her debut from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Southern Denmark on April 27. The concert will be held again on Saturday April 30 in Round Tower of Copenhagen. Morten Olsen’s ‘3 Songs’ are composed for soprano, oboe and harp in commission to Lona Mohr Villadsen. 

  17. From beauty to the beast with Jexper Holmen


    From beauty to the beast with Jexper Holmen

    19. April 2011

    He loves Xenakis and Autechre. He writes extremely loud, long and unworldly music. But he also reaches out for pure and plain beauty. The name is Jexper Holmen, and right now you can meet his distinguished sound poetry in the song ‘De dage’ (Those Days) by indie singer songwriter Julie Maria. Free to stream or even download at the ongoing mixing project ‘Mix To Verdener’ (Mix Two Worlds).

  18. Simon Steen-Andersen heads for New York


    Simon Steen-Andersen heads for New York

    6. April 2011

    Internationally reknown composer, sound artist and performer Simon Steen-Andersen bites the big apple in April as his Study #2 for string quartet and Chambered Music for 12 instruments have their US premiere in NYC. This will happen when Steen-Andersen and his Belgian colleague Stefan Prins enter the two New York experimental ensembles Pamplemousse and Wet Ink with concerts April 26 and 30.